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Internet Web Design Whitepaper:
""What is Hosting & what options do I have?"

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Domain Parking

There are basically four options:
  • If you want your own domain, you will need a "Virtual" account.
    You can reserve your Domain Name ( today with our "Domain Parking" offer, even if you are not ready to put information on your site.
  • If you want add or modify your own pages, and don't need your own domain name, you will need a "FTP / TELNET" account.
  • If you select a "Managed Site", we will make file transfers and revisions.
  • If you have your own site, Design Maker can supply the HTML pages and graphics for that site, or generate a referral page to your site.

If you are not sure which type of site you need, please go back to the index and review the information in the "Internet Whitepaper" entitled First Step, Why Wait?, Page Design, and Site Design. If you are still not sure, our recommendation is to allow Design Maker to set-up a "Managed Site" on our WebServer and help you skip the months of "learning curve" climbing that will be necessary if you are just starting from the beginning.

Design Maker will also manage your Virtual and FTP / TELNET accounts if desired. Pricing will be quoted based on complexity of your site, and frequency of additions / changes to the content.

Our WebServer is professionally run by Digiserve on Sun hardware with the Solaris operating system optimized for http: web service, and is connected to MAE-EAST via "dual" fibre optic DS-3 (2 x 34 Mb/sec) lines. If you desire to receive separate billing for the web-hosting service, your account will be hosted on one of Digiserve's servers. This will be the case for anyone wanting their web site located in the UK, or on the West Coast of the USA. All "starter pages", "managed sites", and "non-virtual" accounts will be on Design Maker's Washington, DC server. If you open your own Digiserve account, please enter "" in their form.

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