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When your new site is ready for viewers, how will they find it? Design Maker offers WebSite Promotion services, but would like to give you an idea of what should be done if you don't feel you want to submit to a large list immediatly.

The first site that I designed started with 9 pages - a "Home" or index page, and a few catalog sheets. I didn't have access to the Internet during the day, so spent about two weeks using the local library's internet computer submitting to search engines. Beleive me, this is a very time comsuming method! But it does work.

If you decide to submit this way (manually), I have a couple of links which will save a little time.

Before submitting, you should make sure that your page has the information necessary to improve the placement of your pages in the Search Engines. One caution, don't list information in META tags that does not reflect your site -- it can permanently bar you from some of the major search engines (or at least this is a possibility). See the reference information on META tags for more information.

When your site is ready to submit, the easiest (and fastest) method is to order Design Maker's site submission services or our SoftSeeker and WebPosition software site submission programs. If you are managing your own site and want to submit numerous pages to the search engines, we have software available for sale which will automate this process for you.

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