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"What features should be included on my site?"

1998, Design Maker
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What elements should make up a business web site? You may include anything which can published in any other type of media including television and radio. These options exist with Design Maker, but should be used only when complicated concepts need to be conveyed. Below are a few more specific examples.

  • Company Background
  • Letter from President
  • Annual Reports
  • Product Overview
  • Catalog Sheets
  • Site Index
  • Trade Show Information
  • Directions / Map
  • Product Announcements
  • Secure Order Forms

  • Surveys
  • Guest Book
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Employment Page
    • Current Openings
    • On-Line Resume
    • Company Benefits
    • Job Descriptions

This list is far from complete, but should give you an idea of the information someone visiting your Internet Site might expect to find there. Use caution when choosing what you want to include or exclude.

One major soft drink manufacturer made the mistake of just using a "static" page; one page with just their already recognized trademarked image. The graphic was "huge" and took quite a while to download. That is all that was there -- no other pages. Another smaller business had one page which included a 240k graphic which took nearly 10 minutes to download due to the server they were using, and a Fortune 1000 corporate page used a "background" image that was about 124k and interfered with the overall page download speed to such a degree that many visitors just left before it finished.

Design Maker will give your site the professional appearance, speed, connectivity, and promotion that it needs in order to be successful. - Visit: for examples.

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