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"Why wait to put your business on the Web?"
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1998, Design Maker
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The fact that you are reading this shows you the power of the Internet. Your business has the potential of reaching out to the world today!

Why reach out to the world? Why promote name or brand recognition? Why incur the difficulties related to dealing with people who speak other languages? In two words: MARKET SHARE

The world is shrinking through technology, and the potential size of your market is expanding. Technology will allow global competition in your business segment, rather than just regional and national businesses. In the past few years, countries with low labor costs have captured a significant share of European, and North, and South American products. This has been done through cooperation with product manufacturers in your country (private labeling), but these foreign comapnies are starting to sell their products under their own names in your market.

The successful companies also have elaborate Internet Web Sites.They realize the value of being able to advertize 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year; selling their product to your market in your language.

Design Maker can help you broaden your International business horizon for much less per year than the cost of a single month's advertisement in one Regional Magazine. We can also help target the market you want to reach from the tens of millions of potential customers around the world on the Internet.

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